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meeting you in person. Thank you in advance

for your time and the opportunity to impact

your family’s life in a positive manner. 

Master Gary A. Schill 

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Item Title
My child wants to quit everything they try
Can we try the program before we commit?
How much do Martial Arts Lessons cost?
How often do the children test for their rank?
Are there family discounts?
Do you require tournaments?
How many classes do you offer?
Why do you require contracts?
Does the Martial Arts help you deal with anger?
My child is very shy, will this help their confidence?
Martial Arts teaches Eastern Religion and it conflicts with our own faith?
I want my child to do the Martial Arts, but I am afraid it will teach them violence?
My child behaves for their father, but they do not listen to me?
I have been told that my child may have ADHD and I do not want to put him on medication. Options?
Are we required to start at a certain time?
Can I take classes with my child?
Why do you require the families to interview with you and your staff before you can enroll?
What makes your studio different from your competitors?
What makes you and your staff qualified to teach the Martial Arts?
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