Master Schill along with his beautiful wife Paula own and operate Peak Performance Martial Arts, one of the most successful Martial Arts Schools in the country. With more than 39 years of Martial Arts experience, Master Schill has developed an extensive development system based around the traditional values of the martial arts.

Master Schill is a Best Selling Author including his latest book "The Success Secret", co-authored with Jack Canfield from "Chicken Soup for the Soul". Master Schill is also the Creator of the "Parents as Coaches" Program. This program has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, The USA Today, Tae Kwon Do Times and many other local, web and international publications.

Master Schill's program will not only develop a students physical and mental self-confidence, self-esteem and many other life skills, it will also provide them with development in success traits that only 3% of the population practices everyday.

     Master Schill started training at the young age of 8. His father, a career Air Force Soldier, provided Master Schill many training opportunities around the world. Master Schill has trained in many different disciplines and with many different members of the military including the Navy Seals, Pathfinders, Air Force P.J.'s, Special Forces as well as many members of Law Enforcement.

     Master Schill has also trained with military members of England, Germany and South Korea. More than 20 years ago Master Schill decided to dedicate to the core traditional martial art that is taught at Peak Performance, that is Tang Soo Do. Master Schill has trained with some of the pioneers of Tang Soo Do, who trained personally under Supreme Grand Master Hwang Kee. Only two generations removed from SGM Hwang Kee, Master Schill still trains as close to the original training methods used by Hwang Kee.

     Master Schill believes in the proven development of the Martial Arts, his own children train. The 3 older boys are all 2nd degree black belts, his daughter is a black belt and his youngest son enters black belt training starting in 2014. 

     Understanding the challenges that face families today, Master Schill has expanded the original charter of the academy to also include, Mixed Martial Arts, including Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Combat Cardio and Yoga. These professional programs have been added to their award winning Traditional Martial Arts Program, After School Program and Summer Camp Programs

     In addition to the highly experience staff, Master Schill interviewed many candidates to assemble the best qualified team to serve every member of the family regardless of their age, skill level or training preferences. Come learn why many families have trusted their development and growth to the professional instructors at Peak Performance.

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