Kyo Sa Nim McCracken, Certifed Instructor

  Ken McCracken Graduated from Colorado State University –Pueblo with a Bachelor Degree in Mass Communications.  Mr. McCracken went on to a successful career in Television as a photo-journalist for 12 years.  He worked for KEYE News here in Austin as the Chief Photojournalist when he met his wife Julie McCracken.  They have been married since April of 1998 and live in Cedar Park.  Together they have one Daughter, Jessie McCracken. Mr. McCracken currently works for a water management company as their National Senior Irrigation Manager.    Mr. McCracken started his martial arts training at Peak Performance Training Center in 2006 Along with his family Ms. McCracken and Jessie.  Mr. McCracken is currently a 2nd Degree Black and Internationally Certified Instructor with Peak Performance Martial arts.   

Becoming a martial artist has been in my mind since I was a little kid, whether it was from being picked on or just the admiration of the skill and talent of other martial artists.  I started training after my daughter started Karate at PPMA.  I was a little reluctant at first thinking that I was too old and would not get much out of it.  That thought quickly changed.  Along with the physical aspects, the self-development curriculum has really changed the way I approach many aspects of my life.  I now have "peaceful confidence".

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