Professor Bruno

Jiu Jitsu, Youth and Adults

Professor Bruno has been active in jiu jitsu since the age of 7.  He received his first graduation in 1983 from the hands of Grand Master Francisco Mansor, the Professor time. Since then he has continued to advance in rank and achieve a variety of awards each year. In 2010, he received a black belt and migrated to Soul Fighters BJJ Academy, under the command of Bruno Mendes Tank and technical supervision of the Master Alvaro Mansor.


1 - State Champion Children and Youth: 1993-1995-1996

2- 4x Champion of Mineirinho Circuit FJJD-Rio Jiu-Jitsu (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)

3- Vice Pan American Champion Class - CBJJD 2008

4- Vice Pan American Champion Open Weight - CBJJD 2008 

5- State Champion  Masters, 2008 - 2010

6- 3rd place on National Championship - 2009


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