We are facing tough decisions as parents regarding the development of our children. We are looking at programs to enrich their lives and for many families, budget and time is a major concern. The question is, what do I enroll them in? Dance, music, baseball, football, basketball...

   While all of these activities are great, and they teach balance, coordination and dexterity, they fail to teach the social intelligence necessary for our children to succeed in an ever changing world. They also do not provide a specific curriculum on battling the sinister forces our children face every day. Do you realize THAT a CHILD IS BULLIED EVERY 67 SECONDS in this country? I am not sure about you, but as a father of 5, I never want my children to be bullied.

   Peak Performance Training Center provides the most extensive curriculum at developing children and adults for that matter, to be successful in every aspect of their lives. The Martial Arts is very effective at teaching children how to handle the Negative Peer Pressures and Bullying that exists so pervasively in our society today. 

   Our curriculum focuses on developing Self-Discipline, Focus, Confidence, Perseverance, Integrity, Concentration, Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit and Goal Setting just to mention a few.  Did you realize that 97% of the world’s 7 Billion population DOES NOT SET CLEAR CUT DEFINED GOALS. The 3% of the population that does understand this and has incorporated this life skill into their routine are 90% more successful than the rest of the population. The question I ask of you is what kind of adult will your child become when they have all of the life skills I mentioned early in their development? Here at Peak Performance Training Center we have the specific curriculum for developing all of them in your child.

The next question is; Why Peak Performance Training Center? As you the consumer is already aware of there are many schools in the Cedar Park, Austin, Round Rock and Leander area. Why Peak Performance Training Center, you ask? I will tell you; Yes, there are many schools and I recommend that you visit them, then when you visit my school you will see, experience, and feel the difference as soon as you call us for the first time, register on the web or step foot in our door. Our Proven Success Systems are specifically designed to produce the maximum results possible for each of our customers. Other Martial Arts Schools will tout their ability to develop these life skills, however Peak Performance Training Center is the only one that is so confident in your family experience with us, that Peak Performance Training Center will back its programs with an IRON CLAD 60 DAY 100% Money Back Guarantee. No other program offers the same guarantee.  

The real growth acceleration parent’s comes when they join our Peak Performers Program. In this program we teach them how to perform at a Peak Performance Level. We start by teaching Peak Performance Life Skills to our children now as to start prepping them for greater success as they grow up to be an adult.

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