Parents Night Out

Parents Night Out


Theme - Video Game / Nerf    

When - February 7th 2014

Time - 6:00pm - Midnight

Price - $35 per Child (add $2 for use of credit card)

Where - Peak Performance Training Center



Parents get a night out on the ton or just a night to yourselves. For just the low low price of $35 per child the staff of Peak Performance training center will be happy to entertain your child for a whole 6 hours.


Your child will get to play a variety of video games on several different types of gaming consoles. Game consoles like X-box 360, PS3, Wii, and other types. Games will variety however Peak Performance will make sure that all games are age appropriate and will not allow any mature rated games to be played. At the same time as the videos games are going on children will be allowed to bring their Nerf Blasters and the staff will be host Nerf Blaster Games.



Special note for all Dads:

Valentineís Day is on Friday the 14th here is your chance to take your wife out and have your child in a fun safe environment. Donít miss out on this chance guys.

P.S. If you have not done so already, order those flowers today.


Parnets Night Out Video