Welcome to the Black Belt Class

at Peak Performance Training Center


Here at Peak Performance Training Center we do offer a top level Black Belt Program.  This program is for students who have reach the rank of 1st Dan (1st Degree Black Belt) or above. As well as students who are of a Cho Dan Bo rank (Pretesting to 1st Degree Black Belt). Peak Performance Martial Arts is a traditional Tang Soo Do studio. Peak Performance houses 2 Master instructors as well as a team of 2nd Degree Certified Instructors. Along with this instructional staff Peak Performance also has several C.I.T. students who assist the core instructors on the floor. C.I.T. refers to Peak Performance’s Certified Instructors Training program.

The Black Belt classes at Peak Performance Training Center are designed specify for senior students. These classes offer a much higher level of training. These classes are longer than standard class times. These classes push the students in many areas of their martial arts training.

Over the years at Peak Performance Training Center students who make it to this class will find such a great reward and satisfaction that all the training and hard work they put in will and does pay off. The Black Belt class does test every quarter, however twice a year Peak Performance does hold a Black Belt Test Weekend.  During this testing weekend students will be required to perform all the knowledge they have acquired to a level fitting their rank.  This testing does start on Friday and ends on Sunday. By the end students will have pushed themselves well beyond what they could have ever imagined.

Here at Peak Performance we love to celebrate the success of all our students. Which is why post the Black Belt testing, Peak Performance holds a promotion’s banquet to honor the students in front of their families and friends.

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