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Thank you for visiting Peak Performance Martial Arts and Training Center. We have served Cedar Park, Leander, Austin, Round Rock and surrounding communities for nearly 20 years. Peak offers After School Programs, Summer Camp Programs, Traditional Martial Arts, Soul Fighters Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Strength, Speed, Conditioning, Golf, Football and Fitness Boot Camps. Come experience the Peak Performance, We offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on any of our professional development programs.


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  We are facing tough decisions as parents regarding the development of our children. We are looking at programs to enrich their lives and for many families, budget and time is a major concern. The question is, what do I enroll them in? Dance, music, baseball, football, basketball...

   While all of these activities are great, and they teach balance, coordination and dexterity, they fail to teach the social intelligence necessary for our children to succeed in an ever changing world. They also do not provide a specific curriculum on battling the sinister forces our children face every day. Do you realize THAT a CHILD IS BULLIED EVERY 67 SECONDS in this country? I am not sure about you, but as a father of 5, I never want my children to be bullied.

   Peak Performance Training Center provides the most extensive curriculum at developing children and adults for that matter, to be successful in every aspect of their lives. The Martial Arts is very effective at teaching children how to handle the Negative Peer Pressures and Bullying that exists so pervasively in our society today. (Read More...)


A s a parent, you prepare your child for life the very best way you can, but what do you do about developing their CONFIDENCE to SPEAK UP for themselves? How about the ability to stay FOCUSED so they can set and ACHIEVE GOALS? What about developing the SELF-DISCIPLINE to do the right things and make the correct decisions on their own. There are so many LIFE SKILLS that we need to give our children to be successful, yet there's so little time and so many distractions. We all need Help!

If there was a quick and easy way to accomplish all this while making it fun and exciting for your child, would you be interested or at least open minded???

My name is Master Gary A. Schill, I am the Owner and Chief Instructor of Peak Performance Martial Arts, formerly known as DragonHeart Karate, (and father of 5). For almost 20 years we have been nurturing children like yours with character building skills found only in the martial arts.

Martial Arts provides as much as 10 times the necessary life skills required for our children to succeed than any other sport. We are 200% dedicated to providing your child and your family the life skills necessary to be a LEADER. A leader at home, school, community and for the adults in their work or place of business.



Our curriculum is designed to empower them to develop Increased Confidence, Improved Focus, Better Grades, Fitness, Self-Defense, Self-Discipline and Self-Control.

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Black Belts Begin...

Black Belts begin with lifetime Goals!

"Begin with the end in mind"

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