I want my child to do the Martial Arts, but I am afraid it will teach them violence? PDF Print E-mail

This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions about the Martial Arts, 2nd only to parents believing we teach Eastern religion in class. I spokeabout talk this on the previous question.

A good traditional Martial Arts School teaches “Defense Only”. Meaning we do not use our Martial Arts to impose our will on someone else by physical means.  

Many people’s perception of the Martial Arts is based upon what is portrayed in the movies, on television and in video games. Much of this started with the series Kung Fu and then was later portrayed with the Cobra Kai’s in the Karate Kid movies. I am not saying there is not an obscure school that is teaching the wrong message, but a traditional Martial Arts School is teaching them that physical power is the last resort, not the first.  

Traditional schools teach an inner peace and tranquility. It does not promote speaking ill of other people or other Martial Arts Schools. It is about honor, integrity, respect and courtesy.  

Traditional schools teach children and adults, for that matter, to have more confidence, self-esteem, discipline, focus and a perseverance to push past any obstacle that tries to prevent them from achieving their goals.



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