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Why We Are Ranked 26th in Education in the World. Why a Progressive After School Program is the Ticket for YOUR Child's Success

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Why We Are Ranked 26th in Education in the World. Why a Progressive After School Program is the Ticket for YOUR Child's Success

Peak Performance Martial Arts
After School Enrichment Program

Why We Are Ranked 26th in Education in the World.
Why a Progressive After School Program
is the Ticket for YOUR Child's Success

     As the start of school draws near, parents start to scramble for where to put their children for After School. For many, they seek convenience, instead of what is most important for their children.

    Now I know that I probably angered a few parents with that statement but let's look at why I made this statement.

     Let's look at the options most parents are presented with. They can use the daycare they have been using for years, but frankly, most daycares are designed specifically for infant to pre-school-age children. Many of them provide after-school programs, however, most of their programs do not have a specific curriculum designed for the K-5th grade students. They can use the YMCA, a great organization, but let's look at who is in charge of your child. A teenager, just out of high school or maybe a young college person. Do you think that their primary concern is the well-being of your child? I think not, it is a job. Most of them do not have children of their own and have no clue what parents go through when the physical, emotional, and mental development of their child is at stake. However, it is convenient and the price is right. Although you know the old saying, "You get what you pay for"

    Many the daycares allow the children to play video games, play indoor or outdoor games and some even allow them to do homework if the child is disciplined enough to do it on their own. Having owned a facility that pioneered After School programs for children in Cedar Park, Texas I can tell you that the majority of children will not do their homework without supervision. They will go through the painstaking steps to find ways to get out of doing it. Even if they do it, they will rush through it, use sloppy handwriting and try to do the absolute bare minimum to get by.

    Video games are causing our children and adults for that matter great harm in our society. I love playing video games as much as the next person, but a recent study shows the average child is playing video games as much as 40 hours per week. Parents are using video games as a babysitter and form of entertainment so they do not have to be parents and work to keep their children stimulated without electronics.

    Many children today are being diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar, and Autism and I truly believe that 6 major factors are causing these to be so prevalent with our children today. One of these is the long-term effects of playing video games, keeping their brains hyper-stimulated for long periods, and constantly dumping large amounts of the body producing chemicals into their bloodstream. This keeps them in a hyper-stimulated state for long periods, so when they are asked to sit still and keep quiet in a classroom, they are unable to adjust to being quiet and still.

    One thing I have noticed over the past 20 years is that our children have shorter attention spans and the hardest time focusing. There are many reasons for this and I will get into that at another time, but the fact remains our children are facing some very large challenges. Much greater than we did when we were growing up. Now is the time to make sure that your child is not being left behind in a very fast-changing world.

    Our world is changing this very year. World markets are changing faster than at any other time in history. More wealth is transferring hands than at any other time in history. While the United States is still the wealthiest nation in the world, we ranked 26th in Education. India and China are producing more Billionaires than we are, and their emerging markets are causing jobs once held by US Citizens to be transferred abroad. When was the last time you called tech support for anyone and the other person on the phone didn't have some kind of foreign accent.

    Our public school teachers are working in an environment that frankly is like running uphill on an oil-slicked road. In Texas, we have a standardized test called the TAKS test. Frankly, it is setting our children up for failure. The schools spend so much time focusing on a test, that they are not being allowed to teach. There are so many infuses being put on this test, that scare tactics are being used on the kids in hopes they will perform better. Our children are becoming professional test takers, they are not learning what will help them as adults in society. Another reason why we are 26th in Education.

    Many countries require their children to go to school like a full work day 8-5 M-F and half-day on Saturdays. I can already hear some parents saying, that is just cruel, kids need to be kids. I agree that kids need to be kids, but children are like sponges, the more they can ingest and learn at an early age when they do not have the limiting beliefs that adults have, the more likely they have to be successful. We the parents are the problem.

    Do you realize that someone not born in this country is 6 times more likely to succeed than our children that are born right here in our own country? Why? Because we coddle our children too much. They are not given the same level of responsibilities we were growing up. We do everything for them and frankly, they are unable to function. They have no discipline, focus, ownership of actions, and appreciation for a solid work ethic. Many children have a serious entitlement mentality and we the parents enabled this.

    What do all of my rambling have to do with After School Programs? Let me tell you when I started the article, we talked about the different kinds of After School Programs. I wanted to discuss why the program at Peak Performance Martial Arts will give your child exposure to the development tools that daycares just do not use and frankly teenagers and young college students have never been exposed to.

    It is a proven fact that the Martial Arts are 10 times more effective at developing children and adults for that matter than any other development program. That includes all sports extra curricular activities, dance, music, and gymnastics. The closest program to the Martial Arts is Boy Scouts and as great as their program is, it still falls short.    

    Peak Performance Martial Arts After School Enrichment Program has been serving the Cedar Park, Austin, Leander, and Round Rock Texas communities for more than 10 years. For the last 8 years, we have provided After School programs for Leander ISD and Round Rock ISD. Our Proven Success System is curriculum-driven to provide proven results for children and adults of all ages.

    There is a specific success formula, it is highly documented, and yet less than 3% of the world's 6.5 Billion person population even knows it exists. The top athletes, business people, and entertainers know and practice this formula daily. Here is the big secret that the daycares, YMCA, and other After School Programs can not offer. I know the secret, I have studied with some of the most successful people in the world and the best thing is, we teach it in our academy.

    Children in our academy are 10 times more likely to succeed than other children that are not. My question to you as a parent is, "Wouldn't it be worth checking into to see why we have so much success"?

    For many parents, they have the most warped, incorrect, and false stereotypes of the Martial Arts. They seem to believe that Martial Arts promote violence, and teach kids to bully other kids. That we teach religion as part of the art. If you mean we teach respect, courtesy, honesty, humility, and self-motivation, then yes. However, most academics, including mine, never touch on religion.

    I believe that God is my Lord and Savior. It would, however, be very arrogant of me to tell another family their beliefs are incorrect. I am not here to debate religion. I am here to develop boys, girls, women, and men into the best they can be. A Professional Martial Arts School embraces all people regardless of their race, creed, religious orientation, or any other features or behaviors that make them different than me.

    Most of the parental population do not realize the revolutionary change that is occurring in our society, right now at this very moment in history. I do believe that most parents do want their children to have more than they have or had. However, many parents need to understand, for their children to have more, they need to be involved in personal development now, otherwise, they will be no better off in their lives at the same age as you are today. If you are not growing, you are dying.

    Parents, if you want more for your children than we had growing up, then take a look at my program. I will tell you that I do not allow every family that applies for our program to join. If you are not willing to support your child and lead them on this difficult journey they are facing, then, we are not the place for you.

    Either way, be a parent and get them involved in development programs that build the life skills they need to be successful because frankly, our education system is broken and there is no reason why what so ever, that the United States of America should ever be ranked 26th in Education.

Stay tuned for more articles that will help your family grow and prosper.

Master Gary A. Schill


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