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Keeping a Journal: One of Three Treasures

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Keeping a Journal: One of Three Treasures

If you aspire to become a successful, well-rounded, and knowledgeable individual, maintaining a journal is essential. Depend on it instead of relying solely on your memory. Whenever you encounter valuable information or important insights, make it a habit to record them.

In the past, I used to jot down notes on various pieces of paper, including scraps and old envelopes. I even scribbled ideas on restaurant placemats and any available bits of paper. However, I eventually realized that the most effective way to organize and preserve these ideas was by keeping a journal. I've been diligently maintaining these journals since I was twenty-five, and they have become an invaluable part of my personal growth journey.

I have a penchant for purchasing blank books, which may seem curious to some, especially kids who question why I would pay twenty-six dollars for an empty book. The reason behind this choice is that it challenges me to fill those pages with content worth at least twenty-six dollars. While my journals remain private, anyone who were to peruse them would quickly realize that their value exceeds the initial cost.

I must confess that a glimpse into my journals would reveal my dedication to learning and self-improvement. I am not just committed to mastering my craft; I am committed to life itself, continuously striving to acquire new knowledge and skills. I view life as an opportunity to cultivate and transform the fundamental elements of existence—like seeds, soil, sunshine, and rain—into the building blocks of a fruitful and fulfilling life.

Maintaining a journal is of paramount importance to me, and I consider it one of the three invaluable legacies to pass down to future generations. In fact, these treasures, including pictures, a personal library, and journals, hold greater significance than material possessions like furniture.

The first treasure is photographs. I encourage you to capture numerous images, ensuring you never miss recording life's fleeting moments. It only takes a fraction of a second to preserve a memory, and missing that opportunity is equally swift. These pictures will serve as lasting reminders when you are no longer present.

The second treasure is your personal library—a collection of books that have educated and enriched you, helped shape your philosophy, and contributed to your growth as a wealthy, powerful, healthy, sophisticated, and unique individual. These books may have empowered you to overcome challenges such as disease, poverty, or adverse circumstances. Your library, which has nourished both your mind and soul, is a profound gift to leave behind.

The third treasure comprises your journals, containing the ideas you've gathered and the information you've meticulously recorded. Among these treasures, journal writing signifies a deep commitment to learning and self-reflection. While taking photographs and acquiring books are relatively straightforward, being a dedicated student of your own life, future, and destiny requires the effort to consistently record notes and insights. You'll undoubtedly appreciate the treasure trove of wisdom and experiences you've documented when the time comes to pass them on. These treasures are not just for the future; they are to be cherished in the present as well.

In the spirit of success,

Jim Rohn

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