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Kids Need Exercise: Try Martial Arts!

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Kids Need Exercise: Try Martial Arts!

As grown-ups, we frequently hear about the advantages of physical activity in terms of maintaining a healthy weight and preventing cardiovascular diseases, among other benefits. Nevertheless, even though the subject of exercise for children receives less attention, it is equally vital for their overall health and well-being. The positive effects of physical activity on children extend to various aspects of their lives, encompassing their mental and physical health as well as their academic performance. Furthermore, these advantages may have a longer-lasting impact than one might initially assume. Here's the rationale behind it:

Enhancement of Children's Physical Strength: Physical activity plays a crucial role in preventing childhood obesity, thereby reducing the risk of future obesity-related conditions, including cardiovascular diseases. Beyond its disease prevention role, exercise is essential for children as it actively contributes to the development of robust bodies that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Fostering of Healthy Bone Development: Children's bones continue to grow until their late teenage years. During this period, weight-bearing activities and muscle engagement are vital for the development of sturdy bones. Maintaining healthy bone mass and density in childhood can even lower the likelihood of conditions like osteoporosis as they age.

Establishment of Lifelong Habits: The habits acquired in childhood tend to persist into adulthood. By instilling the value of physical activity and well-being in children at a young age, you are not merely imparting short-term health lessons but equipping them with the tools to care for themselves independently when they grow up.

Enhancement of Concentration: Exercise provides numerous benefits to the brain, such as increased alertness, enhanced cellular connectivity, and the stimulation of new nerve cells. These benefits make learning more efficient. A study conducted by a Chicago-area school demonstrated improved academic performance in students following the introduction of a before-school exercise program. Consequently, strong academic achievements can pave the way for success in higher education and professional careers in the future.

Stress Reduction: The past two years of the pandemic have seen a significant rise in stress levels among children, partly due to the limited opportunities for exercise during recess and outdoor play with friends. Similar to adults, physical activity can be an effective stress-reliever. In addition to releasing mood-boosting endorphins that enhance overall well-being, exercise offers a healthy outlet for emotions and serves as a distraction from stressful events in a child's life.

Recommended Amount of Exercise for Children: According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), children aged 6 to 17 should engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily. Ideally, this activity should encompass a mix of aerobic exercises (like biking), activities that strengthen bones, and exercises that build muscles.

The Peak Performance Martial Arts training in Cedar Park, featured in areas such as Leander, Cedar Park, Liberty Hill, North Austin, Round Rock, and Georgetown provides several skills your child will acquire. Through this martial arts program, children will enhance their communication abilities by nurturing self-assurance, reverence, proficient listening, verbal and non-verbal interaction, conflict resolution, collaboration, objective establishment, emotional control, and self-expression. These competencies extend beyond the realm of martial arts and prove valuable in diverse facets of their individual and social existence.


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